According to the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), “by 2050, with a projected increased global population of 9.6 billion, we would need the equivalent of almost 3 planets worth of resources to sustain our way of living, if our current consumption and production patterns remain the same.” Across the globe, young climate activists are raising awareness about climate change, and exerting pressure on governments and businesses around the world to take action to save the planet. This shows the power and influence that young people can have on raising awareness if they are educated about the issues and impassioned to make a difference.

The challenge for educators is to support young people to identify and reform their message, and to find their voice in the fight against climate change. The GRETA project will support primary school teachers to take on this challenge, by providing bespoke up-skilling opportunities to allow them to integrate innovative learning resources into their teaching practice and to develop their own challenge-based learning resources to raise awareness among young pupils about the climate crisis and the impact it will have on them.

The partnership consists of two primary schools (Greece, Italy), four educational centers/organisations (Ireland, Czech Republic, Germany, Cyprus) and one University (Romania). The target groups of the project are primary school teachers, students (8-12 years old) and parents.